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The instructional material available on digital media (the “Work”) must be used by each student in compliance with the terms set out below:

  • 1 - Each Work must be used solely for the benefit of a student with a sensory, physical or neurological disability, in compliance with the analysis and action plan developed for that student.
  • 2 - Every student using a Work must be duly enrolled in the Educational Institution that purchased the Work.
  • 3 - The Educational Institution certifies to Copibec that it or the schools in which the relevant students are enrolled has/have purchased a copy of the paper-format version of the Work for the benefit of each student (described in paragraph 1).
  • 4 - The use of each Work is subject to the same terms as its paper-format version. For example:

    a) In the case of a textbook, a digital copy of the Work must be purchased for every relevant student; no more than one student per school year may use that copy of the Work.

    b) In the case of an exercise book or any other consumable instructional material intended to be used in its entirety by the student during the school year, one digital copy of the Work must be purchased per school year, per relevant student. The same copy of a Work cannot be reused during another school year, except in the specific case of a student taking more than one school year to complete a grade level. In that case, the student may keep the digital-format exercise book until the grade level is completed.

  • 5 - The Educational Institution cannot reproduce, download or save the Work or authorize a third party to take such actions. The Educational Institution must inform the students and their parents or guardians that they are not allowed to reproduce, download or save the Work.
  • 6 - Notwithstanding the foregoing, temporary downloading in order to use assistive software is authorized hereunder.
  • 7 - The Educational Institution must keep each copy of the Work on its premises or ensure that the Work is removed from the student’s device at the end of the school year (except in the specific case of a student completing the program for an educational level in addition to a school year).


  • 8 - To deliver an accessible version of a textbook or educational fiction book, each publisher may, at its discretion, decide whether or not to charge a cost corresponding to the price of the paper-format version of the textbook or educational fiction book, as posted on the publisher’s website. If applicable, the student must pay the price set by the publisher for each copy of the Work, plus the service charge.
  • 9 - To purchase an accessible version of an exercise book or any other consumable instructional material, the student must pay only the Copibec service charge
  • 10 - Service charge: The Educational Institution must pay the $6 service charge per title ordered, regardless of the number of copies (e.g. 20 or 3 copies of a title = $6 service charge. But 1 copy each of 3 different titles = $18 service charge).

After you have signed this form and returned it to Copibec, you will receive an email containing a link to download the digital document. The link will remain active for 10 days and will then be deactivated.

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