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Who is DONA for?

DONA is aimed at anyone in education who needs accessible documents that can be used with reading aids.

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The sale price of a work in Dona can vary depending on the level of education and the publishing house, it can go from $0 if the student already has the paper version - up to a maximum equal to the price of the paper version. A fixed fee of $6 is applicable on each document regardless of the number of copies.

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The DONA catalog is extensive and includes a wide variety of documents on a multitude of subjects!

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Join Us!

Are you a publisher and want to participate in universal accessibility of education? Join us and make your accessible documents available on DONA! A member of our team will accompany you throughout the process!

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Participating Publishers

DONA already has more than 30 publishers participating in our mission. These publishing houses frequently deposit new documents on our platform.

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